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Flowers for Wallpaper

September 12th, 2010

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This was a particularly delightful commission from a lovely lady in America.  The brief was quite specific in terms of colouring - two vases of flowers to complement a particular wallpaper.  She described the wallpaper in her email with the all important name/make of it - and so bingo!   I found the exact wallpaper in my local dollshouse shop (the last piece they had) and I couldn’t resist buying it.   There is nothing like having the real thing in front of you when it comes to colour matching.  You only have to look at a paint chart to know that there is actually no, definitive, one colour called “white”, never mind pinks, lemons, blues and creams.

This vase of ranunculus and jug of tulips and hyacinth are destined for a tea shop.   It is still under construction but apparently has already been described by someone as something resembling a runaway train.  I have been promised photographs!

Death of Sarah Price - St Hilary’s Miniature Church

July 3rd, 2010

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Very sadly, I must announce that my sister, Sarah Price, died on Thursday 17th June 2010  She originally collapsed with anemia while visiting the March 2010 Miniatura show, and tragically this was later found to be due to wide-spread cancer.  However throughout this period, she showed incredible courage, determination and love of life, despite the suffering.

Many of you will be familiar with my sister’s miniature work through her much loved website ( - St Hilary’s Miniature Church) that she set up in memory of our late mother in 2003/2004.  At the moment, no decision has been taken about the future of this website,although I am sure it will continue as it currently stands for a while yet.

I am sure that those of you who regularly visit this, my own website, will have noticed that no new items have been added for some time now.   As you can appreciate, my priorities have necessarily been directed elsewhere, but I fully intend to start working again on making miniature food and flowers very soon.

1/24th (1/2″) Scale Flowers - A First (for me!)

March 8th, 2010

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I never thought I’d even be attempting 1/24th (1/2″) scale flowers, but here they are; sunflowers which are approximately 2.5 cm (1″) high from the flower to the last leaf on the stem.   They have been made as part of a commission, which was phrased along the lines of “loose sunflowers to go as part of an allotment scene”.  I merrily assumed they should be in 1/12th (1″) scale, ie about 30 cm (6″) high.  But no.   A further email asked that they should be about 2.5 cm (1″) high.   I gulped, took a deep breath and started thinking really small.

I’m just glad I wasn’t asked for daisies…..

A Tiny Departure

December 6th, 2009

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Here is something different - not a 1/12th (1″) scale dollshouse, but an N Gauge model railway cottage and garden.  

For those of you who have not been initiated into the delights of model railways, N gauge is 2 mm to the foot, or 1:160th, ie compared to 1/12th scale, absolutely TINY!   You could call this a bit of a sideline for me - the model railway itself belongs to my partner, but I have been detailed to make all the scenery.   Or to put it another way, he does the technical stuff and I do the pretty stuff.   Yes, it is a departure from dollshouse miniatures, but there is nonetheless an overlap.  I still mix paint, get covered in glue and in many respects the whole difference is the matter of the tiny scale.

As an aside, the Warley Model Railway Club had a stand at the recent Miniatura exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham to demonstrate the railway hobby.  Then at the recent model railway show - also at the NEC - organised by the Warley Railway Club, there was a stand publicising the Miniatura and the dollshouse hobby.  A beautiful 1/24th (1/2″) scale house by Petite Properties was on display next to an O Gauge sized house and they were remarkably similar in size. 

Back to my partner’s model railway layout - I must emphasise that I am NOT building any of the houses.  These are a mixture of ready-built from resin, or constructed (not by me) from card kits).   However, they are passed to me to weather and add foliage.    The garden bases come in the form of cardboard templates which I do my best not to distort.  The design of the gardens are then totally up to me and I can let my imagination run riot.

I only wish I could make fimo flowers small enough - but I can’t!   I therefore (like most people) use scatter materials and any other railway modelling materials I can find.    At this tiny scale, I found that grey marbled paper and card made credible paving stones throught the lawn.  The “large” tree is about 2.5″/7 cm high, and was made from twisted copper wire (taken from a stripped down old power cable) then covered with a product called “flexi-bark” and finally the umbiquitous scatter material.

Who knows - one day I might make a 1/12th (1″) scale tree using the same technique ………

I will add photographs of this model railway layout as it progresses.   Next (so I am told) is the village green.  I don’t think it will have a pond!

Christmas Selection

November 6th, 2009

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I have now created a new section for my “Christmas Selection” miniatures which I will continue to add to.

To show you all things are not always straightforward, I should like to share some of the mini-disasters that have happened to me in the process of crafting these items (and some that have yet to appear for reasons that will become clear).

1) Wooden boards for the mince pie making - believe it or not the first two I used snapped, and this was purely down to a spot too much of brute force on my part. The downside of oiling boards to seal the wood is that the wood itself can warp if you don’t apply the oil evenly to both sides at the same time. So two boards warped, and like an idiot, I tried to straighten them - after I had stuck everything down. Snap. Oops. Start again.

2) Christmas puddings - I put them in the oven accidentally at too low a temperature so they didn’t harden sufficiently. As soon as I got them out of the oven, they crumbled into something resembling cat food. So that’s what they’ve become - all they’re waiting for now is a few splodges of gravy, then they’ll appear under “Miniature Miscellany” in yellow bowls marked “cat”.

3) Santa trays with brandy, a mince pie and a carrot. I am always very careful to get colours and shades right. So for the brandy, I “borrowed” a few drops from a friend, but even so the mixture I finished up with (almost set in the glasses) was slightly too dark. Never mind - brandy I’m told comes in different shades. However, for various reasons (that I’m too embarassed to own up to), the “brandy” also had air bubbles. Now I’ve never come across real fizzy brandy so I tried to pop the air bubbles with a pin. Disaster. Somehow, a slightly dark brandy turned in minutes to something resembling treacle toffee. Oops. I’ll try again. Keep watching!

So now you know!

A Miniature Wreath for a Miniature Church

July 12th, 2009

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Yes - you are reading and seeing correctly! I have a made a miniature wreath for a miniature church!

This was a commission from my sister for her miniature church, named St Hilary’s, after our late mother. Over the years, this church has been the scene of a wedding, a christening and many other church-related events, so it seemed right and proper to create a funeral setting in miniature. And flowers are a beautiful part of most funerals so I was more than happy to attempt this rather unusual commission.

This wreath is in the form of a cross and contains white lillies, white roses and lemon yellow roses together with an assortment of real miniature greenery. I started with a rough cross shape, fashioned out of paper covered wire to quite exact measurements to fit the coffin. The flowers were made individually on paper covered wire which was thinner than the wire I would normally use were I making the flowers for a vase. Firstly, I covered this wire base with some mossy type real greenery to provide a soft base for the flowers. Using lots of glue(!) I twisted the wires of the flowers around the wire/moss of the base, poking more greenery into any spaces.

I found that it was important to create this wreath quite slowly, by adding a little, letting it dry before adding more. It was therefore quite time consuming, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I made the solid mahogany coffin from a beautiful kit by McQueenie Miniatures. The coffin cover was crocheted by my sister from a pattern by Buttercup Miniatures, which was specifically designed to fit this coffin. The child doll is by Jane Davies (no relation!) and was commissioned for this church.

To see more on this beautiful miniature church and to see the antics of the congregation (mostly children and mostly created by Jane Davies):

To visit the funeral page, and find out just why the children of the congregation have put a pair of muddy boots on the coffin:

For more miniature crochet and knitting patterns, needles plus all the materials you will need:

For beautiful furniture - both kits and completed:

For the most exquisite dolls I have ever seen:

Limited Edition of Flowers in Carol Mann Ceramic Bowls

November 3rd, 2008

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Look out for my new limited edition range of hand made flowers in beautiful Carol Mann ceramic bowls.   These bowls have been individually hand-thrown by Carol on a full sized potter’s wheel and each one of these artisan pieces is truly unique in design and colour.   As Carol has now ceased crafting in miniature, do not miss this opportunity to purchase these delightful flowers and bowls.




October 17th, 2008

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Welcome everyone to my new website for individually handcrafted dollshouse miniatures.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and maybe find that “something special” creation for your miniature setting.  Come back often to find information on new designs and ranges!

If you have any ideas for new miniatures, or would like me to craft something especially for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.