1/12th (1″) Scale Cameras by Artisan Dave Tayler

Posted: July 17th, 2011 under Dollshouse Cameras by Dave Tayler.

Now added to my website is a range of 1/12th (1″) scale dollshouse cameras, carefully hand crafted by fellow artisan, Dave Tayler.  These are styled on the cameras popular in the 1920s through to the 1970s and each will be individually made and therefore totally unique.   They will also come with an authentic photograph “wallet” in which you can place two of your own miniature pictures.   

Dave Tayler is a precision toolmaker with 50 years of machining experience and has retired to the relative quiet of his own “scaled down” workshop to combine his craft and technical skills with his love of miniatures.

Dave himself is from a very “snappy” family, an ancestor having founded “Tayler Brothers”, a photography firm, in 1868.    The shop moved to Primrose Hill in Coventry in 1912 and ”Tayler Brothers” carried on their business there until the 1960s. It is very likely therfore that many of the old black and white family photos to be found buried in the cupboards and drawers of Warwickshire folks were the work of this family.

Dave has based his own 1/12th scale version of a photography shop on these very premises.   If you look carefully in the photos, you will see some of his own camera creations.

So - keep watching, and smile for the camera!