N Gauge Model Railway Scenery - Part 2

Posted: November 12th, 2011 under News.

The model railway scenery is complete for now.  What is left is to put some swings and slides in the empty grey square, bordered by red, blue and yellow low fencing.   The orchard also needs some chickens.   I’m visiting the November 2011 Warley Railway Show at the NEC soon so may buy some chickens and some play equipment.  If I don’t see anything I like, I shall have to delve back into my pile of fimo/polymer clay and bag of plastics bits and bobs.

Some of the gardens/allotments were created with some ideas of the individual owners in mind.   You will have seen the garden belonging to the neighbours from hell.   As this particular garden is totally enclosed, it is difficult to tell how the rusted half-car ended up wedged against a dead tree.  Given that the railway track is supposed to run just behind it, I can only assume that it fell off the back of a train.

I have an allotment belonging to an old man.  He used to keep it perfectly, like the one next door (with runner beans, cauliflowers, runner beans, rhubarb etc), but isn’t able to manage it properly.   It’s therefore a little rough, but it’s nevertheless his pride and joy with his sunflowers.  His shed has gone rusty, but he likes nothing better than sitting outside it on an old conservatory chair.  His wife sometimes comes with him, but they frequently fall out, so she moves her chair and sits out of his way.

The milliput “stone” walls once coloured immediately made me think of country cottage gardens with roses,   and so I now have various shades of pink roses going up two of the walls which I made from fimo/polymer clay.    

With the way the houses were laid down I found myself with a very awkward, accute angle two gardens away from the rose garden.  Rather than hide it, I decided to make a feature of it, which gave me an opportunity to play with Deluxe Materials’ “Making Waves” and “Solid Water” (two different types of resin).  Combined with “Scenic Fibres” and “Scenic Water White Dye”, the result was a small waterfall sweeping down into a pond.

So this is me finished for now, until I can come up with an appropriate playground and chicken solution.   These can come later.   As I write, the scenery is still on it’s rather tatty wooden base.  It was never stuck down on this, but it was useful for carrying the scenery around on, not to mention as an occasional paint pallette.  (This temporary baseboard is what you can see in the “Overall” views.) 

The next step is for my partner to install this secton of scenery down onto his layout and stick it down.  It has already been placed there as a test - which involved running the fattest locomotive round the track to see whether it stuck anywhere on the edge of the scenery (which it did - in two places).  One bottle of Superglue Debonder and one new fence later, that particular problem has been fixed

After that?   I guess my partner will put on his electrician’s hat and it will be all stations go as he disappears somewhere under spaghetti junction that is the current muddle of wiring underneath the baseboard.   Hopefully the next time I see my scenery, it will be properly luminated with some beautifully placed street lamps.  At this point, the camera will come out again and there might then be ”N Gauge Model Railway Scenery - Part 3″.   Keep a lookout!